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About Us

Ocean Bus was founded in 2013 by Michael Odell and the brothers Max and Paul Ekwall. The company's goal was to be first in Scandinavia with an Amphibious Bus.

Because of the swedish and European Union's strict laws and regulations, the project involved considerably more efforts than we had anticipated from the start. Nevertheless, after several meetings with authorities, inspection- and interest bodies as well as travels to the manufacturing plant in the United States, Ocean Bus maid her maiden voyage on Royal Djurgården in Stockholm in August 2014.

The amphibious bus, which is named after Princess Estelle of Sweden, complies with the security requirements for both bus and passenger ships. She has been tested and approved by the Swedish inspection bodies and transport agency. She has all necessary safety equipment and driven by specially trained personnel.

Ocean Bus would like to express our gratitude to everyone who has helped to make this happen. Without all of you this would not have been possible.

Looking forward to seeing all of you on board

Ocean Bus Crew


Are you ready?

Here you reserve your seats. Choose the time and day you wanna go. Ahoy!

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Senaste från Instagram @oceanbusstockholm

Swedish prime minister 🇸🇪announces that #oceanbus drives 10 tours today. Finnish prime minister 🇫🇮is delited 👍🏻
Not since 2019 we have had so many visitors from all over the world. Thanks to all of you who contributed to make this the best 💪🏻 Easter weekend in a loooong time. 

We continue to splash 🌊🚎 every day until September. Check the calendar on for latest updates. 


#oceanbus #sightseeing #oceanbusstockholm #stockholm
Last tour of the month but we are back again tomorrow. We double up all week and drive 7 tours per day with start 10:30. A bus in full throttle down the water. Halloween 🎃 😱 for real 🌊🚎🥳

Still floating and rolling every week. Today’s visitors from Lithuania, USA, Germany, France, Austria, Netherlands, Italy and of course the Swedes…🌊🚎👨🏼‍✈️
Captain’s 👨🏼‍✈️ word is the law at OCEAN BUS…🌊🚎🥳
🎶🎶Singing Captain redo för takeoff. På helger dubblar vi upp och kör 2 bussar. Första avgång 10:30 och sista 18:00. Alltid med fönsterna helt öppna. Välkomna ombord…🌊🚎🥳
Vi splashar💦 vidare och är väldigt glada att så många stockholmare vill turista i sin egna stad. Ökar antalet avgångar till…
Vardagar: 12:00, 13:30, 15:00
Lördag: 12:00, 13:30, 15:00, 16:30, 18:00
Söndag: 12:00, 13:30, 15:00 16:30

Boka på 

Ohoj 🌊🚎
From Wednesday we drive every day until Aug 31st. The summer is here. It’s gonna be splashing. See you onboard. 🌊🚎🥳
First time since 2019 we drive 2 #oceanbus. Stockholm is starting to come back to life...🌊🚎👍🏻

#sightseeing #travel #stockholm #djurgården
Turning 50 🥳requires an extra full throttle  SPLASH...🌊🚎

Bussen som badar kör varje lörd-sönd innan vi ökar tempot i juni. Ohoj //OCEANBUS CREW

#sightseeing #stockholm #travel #fun #oceanbus #djurgården
Det nalkas helg och då blir det splash i vanlig ordning. Vi kör fredag-söndag. Bokning på Säkert avstånd mellan sällskapen. Ses snart. Ohoj

#sightseeing #stockholm #djurgården #travel #fun
Vi säger tack för idag och är åter imorgon igen. OCEANBUS splashar varje dag fram till söndag. Ohoj 

#sightseeing #stockholm #djurgården #travel #oldtown
Yeeeees we are back and it’s time for some fun. Starting today we drive 10 days straight. Experience one of the worlds most beautiful city’s with OCEANBUS. Welcome aboard. 

We drive with some windows open and always one seat row between our guests.
Splashing weekend coming up...🌊🚎🥳
Heading back to shore...🌊🚎🥳
Pic @jonathan.lundkvist 👍🏻🌊🚎
Vi kör vidare...🌊🚎🇸🇪
Buss ohoj 🌊🚎
We say thank you and yes we are back next weekend. Ahoy 🌊🚎🤩
Lucia 🎅🏻 evening cruise. We are back again tomorrow with regular tours. Have a nice evening. Ahoy 🌊🚎 #oceanbus #sightseeing #stockholm #travel #event
After 29 days of darkness we are back with a nice winter splash 🌊🚎 #oceanbus #oceanbusstockholm #sightseeing #stockholm #djurgården #travel #traveltheworld #travelling

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Strömgatan, 111 52 Stockholm


Kungsparken 1, 411 36 Göteborg



tel + 46 (0) 708 156 015


tel + 46 (0) 708 156 015