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About Us

Ocean Bus was founded in 2013 by Michael Odell and the brothers Max and Paul Ekwall. The company's goal was to be first in Scandinavia with an Amphibious Bus.

Because of the swedish and European Union's strict laws and regulations, the project involved considerably more efforts than we had anticipated from the start. Nevertheless, after several meetings with authorities, inspection- and interest bodies as well as travels to the manufacturing plant in the United States, Ocean Bus maid her maiden voyage on Royal Djurgården in Stockholm in August 2014.

The amphibious bus, which is named after Princess Estelle of Sweden, complies with the security requirements for both bus and passenger ships. She has been tested and approved by the Swedish inspection bodies and transport agency. She has all necessary safety equipment and driven by specially trained personnel.

Ocean Bus would like to express our gratitude to everyone who has helped to make this happen. Without all of you this would not have been possible.

Looking forward to seeing all of you on board

Ocean Bus Crew


Are you ready?

Here you reserve your seats. Choose the time and day you wanna go. Ahoy!

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Senaste från Instagram @oceanbusstockholm

Are you ready to witness Stockholm with a splash? 🦈
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The sharks Astrid & Ian on a private tour with people from all over the world 🌎 🦈 #splash #summer
Hope you guys are just as exited as us! 🦈
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If you want to win enter the giveaway follow the steps.

Tag 3 friends follow us and like the post. 

For a bigger chance to win do this on all our platforms and have a chance of winning 2 tickets on each one of them! 
Good luck and we’ll see you onboard!⛴️🌊
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Åk med oss & få se vårat vackra #stockholm ifrån både land & hav! Passar både gammal som ung! 🦈🌊🤌🏽 Skepp o’hoj alla landkrabbor & pirater! 🏴‍☠️ 🦀 #tourism #water #summer #summervibes #djurgården #oceanbus
Book the most fun tour you can do in Stockholm! Tickets at our website 🌊🦈🫶🏼#splash #oceanbus #stockholm
Vår yngsta haj Ian kan knappt bärga sig tills det är så här snöfritt på vägarna igen 🦈❄️ 
#splash #stockholmcity #summer #dramaten
Är det dig vi söker? Eller vet du någon som skulle vilja ha världens roligaste sommarjobb? ✨

Just nu söker vi guider till våra amfibiebussar i Stockholm! Varmt välkommen att skicka ansökan till

Skriv kort om dig själv & varför du tror jobbet skulle passa dig! Det är meriterande om du har erfarenhet att prata framför folk, är utåtriktad & flytande i engelska. 

Skepp ohoj 🦈🌊
Our bus Astrid is taking some air & can’t wait until the spring is here #splash #summer #summervibes #amphibianbus
Ribben!! Kusin till våra oceanbuses Estelle, Astrid & Ian!
Summer! Stockholm! Splash! 3 best S in the world 🌊💃🏽🤌🏽
Snart är ni välkomna ombord igen!! Biljetter finns tillgängliga på hemsidan fram till slutet maj redan nu. Skepp ohoj! 🦈❤️🌊
Water pistol war between the oceanbusses! 🌊🔫🏴‍☠️

#oceanbus #oceanbusstockholm #sightseeing #sightseeingstockholm #sightseeingwithasplash #amphibious #amphibiousvehicle
Sightseeing with a SPLASH! 🌊🚎🛥 

#oceanbus #oceanbusstockholm #sightseeing #stockholm #amphibious #amphibiousvehicle
We drive three Oceanbusses the entire Summer! Which one will you ride Estelle, Astrid or Ian? 🌊🚎⛴

#oceanbus #oceanbusstockholm #stockholmsightseeing #amphibiousvehicle #visitstockholm
Don’t follow me you won’t make it! 🌊🚎⛴

#oceanbus #oceanbusstockholm #sightseeingwithasplash #sightseeingstockholm
Kom till oss här på kajen så hjälper vi dig boka biljetter! 


Come to us at the buss stop and we’ll help you book your tickets! 

#oceanbus #oceanbusstockholm

Ocean Bus Stockholm has received the Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice Award 2022! 🥳 We are so grateful for everyone that has joined us and the amazing guests that have made this award possible by writing fantastic reviews. You are the best!

Love from the Ocean Bus Stockholm Crew! 💙

@tripadvisor #travelerschoice #oceanbus
In January 2019 we bought our third amphibious. Then the world stopped for 2 years and it has been sitting in the garage waiting. Last week we were able to do what what we dreamt about for 2,5 years. A big milestone in the #oceanbus world. Ahoy 🌊🚎🇸🇪
The crown princess wanted us to stop so she could wave to #oceanbus. We say no problem 🌊🚎👑
Took a ride out to #usskearsarge. Thanks for the visit in 🇸🇪. Next dinner drinks are on me…
We are heading into June. 🌞 What do we think? Let’s splash 🌊🚎

#oceanbus #visitstockholm #travel #sightseeing
Ready for take off…
Great pic from @jokerdudedude. Thanks for sharing. Stockholm at its best..☀️🌊🚎

#oceanbus #sightseeing #stockholm
Double trouble tonight with Swedish Radio. Hoped you had fun @sverigesradio.
Swedish prime minister 🇸🇪announces that #oceanbus drives 10 tours today. Finnish prime minister 🇫🇮is delited 👍🏻
Not since 2019 we have had so many visitors from all over the world. Thanks to all of you who contributed to make this the best 💪🏻 Easter weekend in a loooong time. 

We continue to splash 🌊🚎 every day until September. Check the calendar on for latest updates. 


#oceanbus #sightseeing #oceanbusstockholm #stockholm
Last tour of the month but we are back again tomorrow. We double up all week and drive 7 tours per day with start 10:30. A bus in full throttle down the water. Halloween 🎃 😱 for real 🌊🚎🥳


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Kungsparken 1, 411 36 Göteborg